5th January 2019

Inspiring Future Champions Campaign

Do you want to be part of the solution to this epidemic?

#InspiringFutureChampions is the KPF’s vision to reach young people, to change the narrative on carrying knives, inspire them to be their best and empower them to pass the message #CarryingKnivesRuinsLives forward to their peers. 
To allow students to be a part of helping changing the mindsets of other young people we are asking the school to allow the students to have a non school uniform day, pay a £1 donation and the money raised allows them to choose what school they want us to impact next.
Having KPF visit will be at no cost to the school but much to gain for students & teachers alike. 
Each school can form a youth group that understands what students are going through and confidentially contact the KPF to support students who are vulnerable or getting involved in anti social behaviour or carrying a knife.
The last piece of the puzzle is the support and opportunities that KPF will offer to youths as they tour e.g. football, boxing, special needs, mental health, sexual health, counselling, autism, business entrepreneurial courses, parental engagement and more.

You can support by donating as little as £2 a month, volunteering or booking KPF services.

The KPF Office: 0203 967 2472
Volunteering: Lez (07930370235)
General Enquiries: Daszine (07572934114)

Let’s work together so parents go to their children’s awards not prisons & graves.

Support The KPF in reaching 58,000 students over the next 39 week academic year to inspire, educate & support them to become role models, using their gifts & potential to live prosperous, successful lives and to never carry and use knives/guns to hurt communities.

Contribute to our £150,000 target: