Service Control and Infrastructure Apprenticeship (TFL)

Apprenticeship opportunity for 17-21 year olds
Opportunity for your kids, nephews or nieces or children of friends and family to be earning £70,000 p/a in 3years as a Service Controller Level 1 with TFL
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Service Control and Infrastructure Apprenticeship 037102
Organisation – HR
Job – Project Planner
Position Type – Full Time
Apprenticeship Standard: Rail Infrastructure Operator Level 2
Approximate Duration: 2 years apprenticeship, followed by 6-12 month traineeship*
Tentative Start Date: 10th January 2022 
Location: London
Salary: £21,250
TfL are delighted to offer a unique opportunity to join one of our most exciting roles – Service Controller in London Underground. 
Service Controllers proactively manage the train service safely and efficiently and in the best interests of our customers.  They are the air traffic controllers of London Underground, doing all that is necessary to achieve and maintain the working timetable on a daily basis. Ensuring the prompt distribution of accurate train service information to all relevant stakeholders is vital and effectively managing the transition between traffic (customer) hours and engineering hours.
The role requires the active monitoring of the line’s train service making use of all resources to reduce the impact of failures and delays. The apprenticeship will develop your understanding and knowledge of London Underground’s safety & operational procedures, rolling stock, traction current supply, line infrastructure, train operations and train service management.  This will give you the grounding for progressing to Trainee Service Controller after successfully completing the apprenticeship.
What will I be doing?
In order to be an excellent Service Controller, you need to have excellent customer service skills and have an understanding of the many teams and how the roles across London Underground are affected by the work of the Service Control team. Your apprenticeship will focus on building this understanding and experiencing our operational world. You will have the opportunity to learn from experienced and qualified staff through various placements across the organisation to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge through a hands-on approach to learning. 
You will also be responsible for a significant amount of record keeping and the inputting of service data and the submission of reports on failures and delays. Liaising with a wide range of people informing of train service delays and receiving information that may affect those train services. The ability to communicate clearly & effectively and the ability to impart knowledge of service control operating & safety procedures is vital.
You will then develop your understanding by shadowing with Incident Response, Line Information Specialists and the Signals Team; this is to understand how your messages as a Service Controller affect the network and how they’re actioned. You will also gain insight into other TfL services including buses and London Overground.
Placement 1 – Customer Service Assistant (CSA)
This will focus on customer service in a Customer Service Assistant (CSA) role. This will involve assisting customers with their journeys, managing the gate line in the ticket hall, security checks in the station and announcements on the platform. 
Placement 2 – Customer Service Supervisor (CSS)
This will help you develop your supervisory skills assisting both the customer service managers and assistants as a Customer Service Supervisor (CSS). Your responsibilities for the day to day running of the station will increase whilst still maintaining your customer interactions.
Placement 3 – Customer Service Management (CSM) 
As a Customer Service Manager (CSM) you will give you a more holistic approach to managing and running a station whereby you’ll be expected to think on your feet and react to situations in a safe and organised manner. This will help you develop a better understanding on how changes to our network impact our customers and the importance of communication.
Placement 4 – Signals
London Underground’s Signals Department covers the entire Underground Network, from Zone 1 all the way out to Zone 9. You may be working to maintain our signalling assets, get them up and running again when signal failures occur or to assist with the optimisation of our current systems.
Placement 5 – Duty Manager
The Duty Manager for the train network is responsible for staff rotas and duty schedules, train and duty analysis and making sure the depots are managed properly.
Placement 6 – British Transport Police (BTP)
Working with the BTP, you will get a clearer understanding of the relationship between the operational staff and the BTP. You may have to deal with workplace violence, fare dodging, or other incidents inside or outside the stations.
These placements, together with the own learning element of the scheme, will provide you with the tools required to complete the final assessment. 
Following this you will be placed in 6-12 month traineeship with the Service Control Team to further support and develop you within your role.
What do we look for?
•    Ability to communicate clearly & effectively 
•    High level of accuracy
•    Ability to multi-task and process information quickly and accurately to inform next step learning
•    Understanding of customer service
•    Ability to work in highly pressurised situations and make decisions
This is the first time we have offered this role as an apprenticeship and we are committed to developing your understanding of TfL, London Underground and our network to support you in achieving your role as a Service Controller.  This is a unique role, however we are committed to supporting you with the knowledge and skills in order for you to be successful.
Where can this career take me?
This apprenticeship is designed to support you in achieving a Service Controller role. 
To do so you’ll need to pass your apprenticeship assessment and complete the 6-12 months traineeship, focusing on your ability to process information and act in a highly pressurised situation. 
What training and support will you get?
For the duration of the scheme, you’ll have a business sponsor that is responsible for the design and delivery of the apprenticeship scheme. They will help secure the right placements for you and support you in your professional development. You’ll also have a dedicated Apprenticeship Delivery Manager as your mentor that’ll support and guide you sharing their knowledge and expertise throughout your placements. You will be working alongside other service controllers who will be on hand to provide wellbeing support and guide you through the shift working culture.  Finally our previous Service Control apprentices’ alumni .  can answer any day-to-day questions you have and share their experiences with you.
We have an established Graduate and Apprentice Committee as well as an Alumni group, these groups are powerful networks in developing your understanding of the organisation, different apprenticeship schemes and opportunities to develop your career. Many current graduates and apprentices believe this to be a powerful support network and they often hold apprentice only events that are very beneficial to your continued learning.
You’ll also have opportunities to complete additional training courses. These will vary from soft skills training to technical skills training. 
Entry Requirements
A minimum of 5 GCSE’s Grade A* – C or Grade 4 and above, including Maths and English Language (or equivalents).
You are not eligible for this scheme if you currently hold or are working towards a qualification at the same or higher level in a related subject or have already studied content from the qualification for this scheme.
You must be 18 years of age before the start of this scheme to be eligible. 
Current TfL employees that want to join this apprenticeship are advised to apply but would be placed on FTC contracts and would be on the salary quoted above, if you are in a permanent position you will be required to forego your substantive position. This would not affect their years in service.

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