Marathon UK Event 2021

The Kiyan Prince Foundation wants to send special thanks to Yoni Tehonda, Carlos Sousa, Kyle Kiai & Amelia Tombs, 4 staff members of STGC (Sports Tech Global Conference) who have volunteered to run the London Marathon UK to raise 150K for Kiyan Prince Foundation UK Campaign ‘Your purpose your destiny’ Tour.

This tour aims to inspire empower & create opportunities for 100K young people. KPF will demonstrate the power of motivational speaking education & employment opportunities to change young lives. We will evidence the outcomes of this tour through film footage, evaluations & stats we believe in transparency that way you also can share in the success & see how your donations have helped change young lives.

Please donate to this worthy cause as we endeavor to empower our youth to develop positive mindsets, value human life & become the best version of themselves.

Special Thanks
To Queen Park Rangers Club & the supporters for their support also Shareen Qureshi who planned to run but circumstances beyond her control prevented her from running but didn’t stop her from working hard behind the scenes with STGC Team to bring this to fruition.

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