3rd February 2019

The King of the Jungle signs up for Inspiring Future Champions

“I’m here to help in any small way I can”

Former football manager, turned national favourite, reality TV celebrity, Harry Redknapp has thrown his hat in the ring to support the Kiyan Prince Foundation’s Inspiring Future Champions campaign, launched by Dr Mark Prince earlier this year.

Appearing on Sky News (1st February 2019) with Dr Prince, Harry Redknapp stated that he is so shocked by the numbers of young lives that are being lost, and families that are being devastated by this rising epidemic of knife crime, that he is determined to do whatever it takes to help and support our campaign #InspiringFutureChampions, and the wider work of the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

Harry and Mark met at the Spirit of London Awards and Harry admits he was so moved and touched by the words and work of Dr Prince that he would happily lend his support to the Kiyan Prince Foundation whenever called upon. On that day Harry heard not just from Mark but also from many other parents who had been forced to face what no parent should – hearing that your child had become yet another victim of knife crime. From that day, Harry felt he needed to do something and when Mark launched the #InspiringFutureChampions campaign, it was a no-brainer for Harry get in touch and to sign up.

I’m here to help in any small way I can” said Harry on Sky News, confirming his willingness to go into prisons, young offender institutes, pupil referral units and schools with Mark if it was felt that he could help young people find a different way, and not think they needed to pick up a knife. With 20% of young people who are stopped by the police and found to be carrying a knife being between the ages of 10 – 17years, it is clear we need to work with children, young people and parents – offering a much more preventative approach to tackling this increasing crisis of knife crime.

Kiyan Prince was an aspiring footballer in the QPR academy when he was killed outside his school and Harry is very aware, that Kiyan would now be 28 years old and in the prime of his footballing career if this tragedy had not happened. Having previously managed QPR, Harry could even had been his manager if things had turned out differently. But they didn’t and Harry knows he has an influence and an audience that he can tap into, to play his part. Be it the credibility he brings from his days as a football manager, or his most recent celebrity status brought about by his triumph in jungle on “I’m a Celebrity get me out of Here”, Harry is very aware that there are young people out there that will listen to what he has to say.

Working alongside Mark, supporting the KPF, and signing up to the #InspiringFutureChampions, Harry is not only showing he is King of the Jungle, but that he is ready for his own “Rumble in the Jungle” – bring it on!

Dr Mark Prince OBE & Harry Redknapp