8th November 2017

Motivational Training


“I have learnt through the hard training session that just as difficult and painful exercise is, life can be the same, and I learnt to push through those barriers and obstacles”

Sammy, School of Hard Knocks.


The KPF use boxing training which has proven to be a great way of positively engaging youth and changing lives. Character is built on the life changing journey of any successful athlete so KPF use sport to develop the right attitude in those involved. Coupled with our workshops, this has proven to be a effective way of producing positive outcomes. The Kiyan Prince Foundation’s Motivational Training always receive great reviews. Our aim is to reach the hearts and minds of the youths in:
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Pupil Referral Unit’s (PRU)
  • Youth Offending Team’s (YOT)
Our Motivational Training sessions typically consist of a warm-up, cardiovascular, strength and conditioning and our renowned positive affirmations throughout the session.