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The Future Champions 12 Week Programme

Our Founder, Mark Prince, turned around his own teenage life of homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse and criminal activity and rose to become a champion boxer, fighting for a world title in 1998. He was used to battling against the odds. But when his son, Kiyan, was murdered, Mark was facing the fight of his life.

Using his experience, and his training as both a boxer and as a qualified life coach, Mark developed KPF’s flagship ‘Future Champions’ programme. Based around the 12 rounds of boxing, the programme inspires and develops young people at risk of involvement in youth violence to change the path they are on; to knock down and conquer life’s challenges; to thrive in the face of adversity and to become champions in, and of, their own lives.

The programme (12 x 2 Hour Sessions)

In the first hour – Unlock potential in the classroom

Dive into interactive workshop modules within a classroom environment, designed to enhance self-awareness, critical thinking, and the ability to make empowered choices. Our curriculum tackles everyday challenges that students face, such as peer pressure, bullying, schoolwork, gang influence, violence, weapon carrying, self-esteem, and self-belief. Our experienced coaches utilise proven coaching tools to inspire students to take the reins of their lives. We guide them on a journey to alter negative mindsets shaped by their surroundings and past experiences. Students learn to set constructive goals, discover their core values, and align their actions with those values, cultivating a life of purpose and intention.

In the second hour – Experience Transformation Though Physical Activity

Get ready to explore the synergistic power of a healthy mind and body! Students set and pursue physical goals, challenging their bodies and minds with dynamic fitness and boxing training. This hands-on experience teaches students about their physical capabilities, instilling discipline, focus and a strong work ethic. They will learn to overcome physical limitations and understand how a fit body reinforces a positive mindset. 

Every session is engineered to empower students with the discipline and zeal to strive beyond their perceived limits, embracing fitness and a positive outlook as catalysts for change.

All the young people we spoke to who had completed the 12 week course described how their lives and mental health had benefited from it.


What People Have Said

Your environment shapes your mindset. If you have guidance in your life or someone like Mark then you will develop a mindset of being confident and achievement. But if you don’t have that then you fall victim to the environment
KPF Future Champions programme student
Mark talks about the noncriminal mindset. If you fix the mindset, you fix the problem and a lot of them who are angry or upset so they express it in violence. If you fix where you think there was a time in your life when you had difficulties, then that’s how you conquer it
KPF boxing member
When he came to our school there was a lot of people in class that might get involved in crime, like I knew a lot of these boys that would want to carry knives and that. And when Mark was speaking to them, I did see a change in them. So yeah, I think it was really beneficial to them
KPF Future Champions Programme Student​
I’ve been able to go out and use it in my everyday life. Like my self-confidence has improved since walking to him, I’m more physically active. I’ve been doing a lot more since I’ve had his sessions
KPF Future Champions Programme Student​